What are the Cascadia Chronicles?

The Cascadia Chronicles are a series of novels in development, created by Jordan Green and inspired by classic animal fantasy stories like Redwall, Mouse GuardThe Rats of NIMH, and Wildwood.

The first novel in this series is called The Blue Beacon, which you can buy today!

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But before you read the story, you’ll need to learn some lore.

Cascadian Lore Time

Here’s what I’d put on the back cover if we were printing this book right now.

Two hundred years after the disappearance of humanity, the cities and towns of the Pacific Northwest are mostly resettled by the Cascadian Alliance, an interspecies coalition dedicated to the flourishing of all mammal life.

Since the dawn of inter-mammal communication, and outside of the brief-yet-bloody Avian-Mammal War, a long and prosperous peace has ensued as the Alliance expands. At the center of this new society is Bridge City, a sprawling metropolis of settlements scattered around the confluence of the Great Western and Willamette Rivers.

But a new conflict is arising. As prey mammals increasingly flee the wilderness for the safety of civilization, predators in the unsettled wilderness hunger for a revival of the Old Way, when the natural-born strong ate the natural-born weak. While their antagonism and forces swell, the long peace has left the Alliance vulnerable.

In the midst of this rising tumult, four companions travel to Bridge City with vital information for the Council of Mammals.

The Cascadia Chronicles is an old-fashioned adventure series set in the post-human ruins of the wildly lush Pacific Northwest. Featuring a wide array of characters based on the many species unique to western North America, The Cascadia Chronicles are sure to appeal to fans of animal life, real Pacific Northwest scenery, and epic fantasy.

And what is this Substack?

I figure the best way to bring The Cascadia Chronicles into reality is to bring in a community of readers. This Substack exists as an online journal of the writing of the series’ first novel from August-November of 2021 and will include weekly updates on the writing process, sample chapters, and Cascadian concept art.

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A fantasy series set in the post-human ruins of the Pacific Northwest.


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